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Longlasting Nature

Maker and designer of silversmithing and jewellery pieces focusing on the technique of chasing and repousse.



Degree Show Collection

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My collection is depicting nature’s beauty, and the magnificence that is all around us. My making process starts with a walk, whether it be along the coast or overcoming obstacles in the woods, focussing particularly on my home town of North Berwick. I collect anything I find of interest, from fallen leaves, pine cones, or an unusual fragment of shell, as well as photographs. Using these as inspiration, I look at the patterns, lines and textures I have found and translate them into metal using ‘chasing and repousse’. This technique lends itself beautifully to reimagining these forms in my silversmithing, as it allows me to create many varied organic lines and forms, thus bringing the outdoors in.






Jewellery and Silversmithing Experience

2014-2018: GSA Student

Skills learnt; bezel and tube stone setting, mokume gane, scoring and folding, raising, riveting, granulation, press forming, tube and cone making, etching, hinges, keum boo. Time management; group work; presenting and speaking skills

2017 October: Bryony Knox Chasing and Repousse workshop

Gained good knowledge of chasing and repousse processes and tool making skills that I am putting into my current practice. Spurred my interest into chasing and repousse where otherwise I wouldn’t have had the knowledge or understanding. Created pieces on both flat and curved surfaces.

2017 October: Adi Toch Patination workshop

Adi Toch did a workshop at GSA experimenting with patination on various metals with different methods using food. It was a great opportunity for experimentation with colour.

2018 February: West Dean Short course – Wood Carving with silver and pearl inlay

Independently went to West Dean College to gain knowledge in a new craft skill. Was taught by the jeweller Sarah King where she taught us the techniques she uses in her work and then we were able to produce a number of pieces to reflect the skills gained. These include: How to carve hard wood like Black African wood, the process of inlaying silver wire into the wood and also inlaying pearls or other various stones.

2018 March: Michael Lloyd Chasing and Repousse workshop

Gained a deeper understanding of chasing and repousse from great expertise. Showing me different ways of chasing and how various tools change the design completely. Over the course of staying in Dumfries where Michael has his studio I got a lot of one to one tuition which allowed me to ask specific questions and gain more knowledge.

2018 July: Thomas Lyte Workshop Essex

Worked in the Thomas Lyte workshop for a period, working on various chasing and repousse jobs which mostly included working on parts for trophies.

2018 September - Current: Precious Metals Workshop Graduate Program

Currently have a studio in the PMW is Edinburgh where I was offered the opportunity of a bench space, as well as weekly business mentoring sessions.

2018 September - Current: Part of a Business Mentoring Programme

I take part in weekly business set up sessions where I am taught on various areas needed to start up my own business such as: writing a business plan, social media, pricing, work progression and banking.

2019 November: Coordinator at Gold Flair Event

I helped in organising and setting up the Golf Flair event at the assembly rooms in Edinburgh as part of a fundraiser night and to make people aware of fair trade and fair mined gold.

2019 January: Judge at the VAS Alight Exhibition

Helped in giving an award as part of my PMW graduate programme. The award was for jewellers using sustainable materials in their work.


2018-19- The Goldsmiths Centre ‘Getting Started’

A selected few pieces included in an exhibition of 30 recent graduates as part of a business course in London.

2018 – Out of the Blue Drill Hall Christmas Market

Commercial work displayed and made to sell.

2018 – Six Foot Gallery ‘Best of Degree Show’

Exhibition of a number of pieces from my degree show collection

2018 - New Designers
Exhibition of work produced from 4th Year degree in London Design Centre in which I was Talent Spotted by the Goldsmiths Centre. 

​2018 - Degree show exhibition
End of year exhibition of collection produced during 4th year at The Glasgow School of Art.

2017 – Teckhne-logy

A project curated by people in my class, displaying our work from a theme of technology

2016 – GU Exhibition

Specially selected to exhibit ‘Order and Disorder’ piece with a few others.

2015-18 – GSA Christmas Exhibition

Commercial work displayed and made to sell.


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