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Silversmithing: Portfolio


Have a browse through my various silversmithing items, many of these pieces have been made for commissions or have already been sold but if one of them catches your eye please get in touch to discuss a potential commission. A lot of my work is already on my shop if they are available to buy. Click the link here to see 

No two of my silverware peices are the same. I like to keep them bespoke and unique to the individual who owns it. I feel there is something extra special about having a piece which you know is the only one of it's kind and can see the handcrafted quality to it. This is what keeps me passionate about my work and makes me love what I do!

'Hidden in the Grasses' Box

'Four Seasons' Beaker

'Antlers and Branches' Beaker

'Flying in the Wind' Dish

'Woodland Walk' Dish

'Woodland Reflections' Goblet

'Wild Grasses' Vase

'Land and Sea' Vase

The 'Circle of Life' Dish

'Wind and Waves' Whiskey Cups

'Fairytale Fish' Food Platter

'Squirrel and Nut' Caddy Spoon

'Tree of Life' Dish

'Red Kites in Flight' Dish

Various Caddy Spoons

'Flying Friends' Dish

Pictured below is a selection of my older work, featuring a collection based on textures found in nature as well as many of my coloured copper works. Enjoy!

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