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'Using silver as a canvas, I translate my drawings onto the metals surface using chasing and repoussé and from this I produce wonderlands of nature in unique pieces of jewellery and silverware. My work aims to transport you on a journey outdoors, immersed in nature and surrounded by wildlife. I like to bring scenes to life by conveying a sense of movement within each piece, from the interweaving flow of water ripples, wild grasses swaying in the wind and birds soaring high.'

With my recent work my chasing is very detailed and illustrative. I handmake my tools to cater for the small details required for my designs. I like there to be hidden details to my pieces, making the viewer intrigued to turn a piece around or have a closer look, as well as discovering something new every time you look at it, quite like when on a walk, you never go on the same walk twice, you will always have a different experience and spot something new.


A few of my pieces are just surface chasing, applying the decoration just to the one level, but I’ve also used a different form of chasing where there’s different levels to a piece, by pushing the background down around various parts I want to stand out like around a tree, making it come to life and having more of a three dimensional quality to it. As well as this I will sometimes turn the piece around and push the parts out further, using repousse punches. I use pitch to support the silver whilst I’m chasing onto the metals surface, this supports the piece, from the back, allowing the steel punches to move along the metal, pushing the metal rather than taking it away which you see in engraving and a lot of the time my work is confused with engraving, as there’s similarities with the fine detail, but I find chasing a lot more fluid with the steel punches acting as a pencil or pen for drawing the details on. 


The process of chasing itself it quite relaxing and almost like a form of meditation, as I’m guiding this steel tool over the metals surface, in a sort of movement that’s tranquil as well as the repetition of the light tapping from the hammer hitting the top the steel punch.

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